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Holm, Dallas - His Last Days   [Compact Disc]

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Media: Compact Disc 
Year And Label: 1979 Benson
Condition: See description    More on condition
Product Code: HOLM-HLD-CD-r
Note on Condition: CD copy
  1. What Will You Do?
  2. Hosanna
  3. Do You Believe In Me?
  4. Father
  5. Betrayal Scene
  6. Calvary
  7. Mary's Song
  8. What Kind Of Man Is This?
  9. Rise Again - Hosanna (Reprise)
10. What Will You Do? (Reprise)
This is a digitally re-mastered CD from an analogue source in excellent condition, processed with professional sound enhancement software to achieve a recording with CD quality sound. The resulting CD copy is free from clicks, pops, hiss and common noise that are present in analogue recordings. Don't settle for just any LP to CD transfer, we are confident that you will not find a better sounding CD, after all, this one had to satisfy the pickiest listeners, ourselves!

In order to satisfy copyright requirements, this CD-R is only made available to those that own or have owned a copy of this recording in any format. This recording has never been officially released on CD.

We only use high quality, professional grade CD blanks for all our CDs. Unlike Costco specials, office supply and computer retail outlet deal packs, these CDs are manufactured to higher standards for trouble free playback and longevity in 99.9% of CD players. CD comes complete with full color inserts and labels.


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