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Mansfield, Darrell - The Lord's House: A Tribute To Rev. Dan Smith   [Compact Disc]

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Media: Compact Disc 
Year And Label: 1996 Ocean Records
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Product Code: MANS-TLH-CD
   1. Rev. Dan Speaks
   2. God's Radar
   3. Twelve Gates To The City
   4. This Is The Lord's House
   5. Stand By Me
   6. Rev. Dan Speaks
   7. I've Never Been To Seminary
   8. It Takes God To Build A Home
   9. This Is The Lord's House
10. Great Change Since I've Been Born
11. At The Table With The Lord
12. Down Through The Years
13. Everyday Will Be Sunday On The Other Side
Rev. Dan Smith was the last of an era of Gospel Folk singers. Although he wasn't a major celebrity or star, nor did he ever want to be, anyone who saw him speak or sing was tremendously impacted by his faith in Jesus Christ. Dan would become transparent as he presented the Gospel through the gifts God gave him in a simple, yet profound way.

I hope that through this project his edifying and exhorting words will continue to affect peoples lives for years to come.

Darrell Mansfield.


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