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Mcguire, Barry - Eve Of Destruction [Seeds + Lighten Up]   [Compact Disc]

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Media: Compact Disc 
Year And Label: 2000 Word UK
Condition: NEW    More on condition
Product Code: MCGU-EVE2-CD
Note on Condition: New but not sealed UK import
  1. Eve Of Destruction
  2. Don't Blame God/ii Chronicles 7
  3. Last Days Waltz
  4. When The Mists Have Rolled Away
  5. Callin' Me Home
  6. Pay The Piper
  7. Hey! World
  8. Walk In The Sunshine
  9. Lear Jets/father's Son
10. You've Heard His Voice
11. Love Is
12. Railroad Man
13. Use The Crosswalk
14. David And Goliath
15. Happy Road
16. How Many Times
17. Anyone But Jesus
18. To Know Love
19. Peace
20. Shauna's Song
This is an United Kingdom only release, imported from the UK. Don't let the name of the CD fool you, what this CD is technically two LP's in one, Seeds and Lighten UP, only one song is missing from the two LP's, "Enter In" from "Seeds". CD sounds great, no clicks or popping on this one, sound is simply smooth. There is one hitch though, a slight skip that somehow ended up in the masters.




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