Mckenzie-Prokop Band - Nobody's Children
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Year and Label: 1981 Custom
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1. Battle Lines
2. Share My Dream
3. Teach Me To Trust
4. Born From Above
5. Nobody's Children


1. My God
2. When I Recognized Jesus
3. You Can't Outgive The Father
4. I Will Not Stand Alone
5. Sharing


Man, was I excited when I found out Skip Prokop had become a Christian, having enjoyed his musical creations since the late ‘60s with The Paupers and then Lighthouse. Living relatively close to their Canadian homeland, I saw both pretty often. This guy could really drum and sing. The rest of the guys were involved with Simeon, one of Canada’s first Christian bands. This band represented World Vision of Canada, a world hunger organization, and the songs speak to that issue and a relationship with Jesus. Completely believable, engaging music featuring Prokop’s unique vocals on 10 excellent pop songs. Some interesting effects and guitar on the title track, but no real jams or horn workouts like with Lighthouse; just very genuine, solid stuff. (Bob Felberg) (Ken Scott – The Archivist).