Altar Boys - Mercy Thoughts
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Condition: NEW
Media: Compact Disc
Year and Label: 2000 M8
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  1. Listen To Your Heart Breakdown
  2. Take In The Son
  3. Come Along And See
  4. Now Your Mine
  5. You're Lost
  6. Well Ok
  7. Where's It Gonna Lead You
  8. When You're A Rebel
  9. Gut Level Music
10. You Are Loved
11. Fallen World
12. Do I Stand Alone?
13. It's Me
14. Life In The Streets
15. Take In The Son
16. Come Along & See
17. Now You're Mine
18. Glm (Basic Track)
19. Altar Boys Go Skating (Acoustic)
20. Throw Your Torches Down


Finally on CD for the first time. This was a cassette only fan club tape the band sold a gigs one summer between record deals. Early demo versions and live versions of many of your favorites give you a glimpse into the development of great songs.