Card, Michael - Telling The World [Legacy + First Light]
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Media: Compact Disc
Year and Label: 1999 Word UK
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  1. Tell The World That Jesus Loves You
  2. I Have Decided
  3. El Shaddai
  4. Face The Light
  5. Abba Father
  6. Livin' We Die
  7. Fan The Flame
  8. Don't You Know
  9. No Rusty Swords
10. Jesus Loves Me
11. Light Of The World
12. Hound Of Heaven
13. The Voice Of The Child
14. Now That I Have Held Him In My Arms
15. Dragonslayer
16. God Will Provide A Lamb
17. This Must Be The Lamb
18. Love Crucified Arose
19. Stranger On The Shore
20. By Your Name
21. I Have Decided (Reprise)
22. Tell The World That Jesus Loves You (Reprise)


Two complete recordings "Legacy + First Light" released only in the UK and Australia by Word. An interesting release as the original recordings were released by Benson, perhaps rights were only secured for distribution outside of North America?.

The North American double CD issue of 1988, came out at a time when CD capacity was limited, and so two songs were left out of that original issue. Most double CDs of this era had to sacrifice a song or two, live recordings in particular, always lost the dialogue parts. Fast forward eleven years and we have two full recordings on one CD, all in sparkling digital clear sound.

Even though we are just a few years from the release of this CD, it is now out of print. Due to it's limited release, skipping the North American market completely, the few copies out there are sure to become much sought after.

NOTE: Due to environmental laws, new CDs purchased in Europe do not come sealed, to do so would mean an added environmental levy.