Communion - A Sing-A-Long For God's People In Harmony
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Condition: NEW
Media: Compact Disc
Year and Label: 1978 Sparrow


1. MEDLEY I (9:26)
Communion Song
Hallelujah Song
Rejoice Evermore
Let The People Sing Amen
Press On

2. MEDLEY II (9:02)
All I Want To Do
Glory, Jesus. Glory
I Will Bless Thee O Lord
Be Still And Know
Perfect Peace
Easter Song

3. MEDLEY III (8:30)
Soldiers Of The Army
Love Means More
He Is Lord
I Will Sing

4. MEDLEY IV (10:56)
The Horse And Rider
All That I Can Do
Love From The Father
Open My Eyes
Lion Of Judah
5. MEDLEY 5 (8:37)
Fill Me Now
We Worship And Adore Thee
Lay Hold
Love Is The Reason
The Greatest Thing

6. MEDLEY 6 (10:28)
By His Word
Glory Hallelujah
King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords
Hiding Place
I Wish You Jesus

7. MEDLEY 7 (11:14)
I Am
Be My Lord
I Want To Be In Service
For I'm Persuaded
Higher, Higher

8. MEDLEY 8 (7:58)
Come On Rejoice
Praise The Name Of Jesus
God Is So Good
Lord, Show Me What It Means


CD is a direct copy of two original CDs that are nearly impossible to find, released on a limited basis in the early 90's. At the time of it's CD re-issue, discs barely scraped past the 70 minute range. Timing at over 76 minutes, it is now possible to enjoy what was two records or a very long cassette in this one CD. A digital to digital (CD to CD) copy is a lossless process (no deterioration) therefore the sound of the copy is indistinguishable from the original.

In order to satisfy copyright requirements, this CD copy (CD-R) is only made available to those that have owned a copy of this recording in any format. Don't own a record, tape or even an 8-track?, if available on our site, purchase the item alongside this CD. Don't see an original available? contact us and we'll do our best to satisfy this requirement.

We only use high quality, professional grade CD blanks for all our CDs. Unlike Costco specials, office supply and computer retail outlet deal packs, these CDs are manufactured to higher standards for trouble free playback and longevity in 99.9% of CD systems. CD comes in jewel case complete with full color inserts and labels. We make them as close to a commercial product as we can make them

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