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Cordola, Lanny - Electric Warrior Acoustic Saint
Cordola, Lanny - Electric Warrior Acoustic Saint Quantity in Basket: None
Price in U$: $14.99
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Condition: NM
Media: Compact Disc
Year and Label: 1991 Intense
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   1. Intro (A New Beginning)
   2. Behold This Dreamer Cometh
   3. Angry Candy
   4. Looney Tunes
   5. Ish Kabibill
   6. When Shiloh Comes
   7. Birenbau
   8. Farbage Valve
   9. Marriage Of Figaro (Sort Of...)
10. Slappy White
11. Zulu Jam
12. Shadows Over My Heart
13. Neesh Taps
14. Jalapeno Man
15. Django
16. Hungry Hallow
17. Plymouth Rock
18. Sadako
19. Jabberwocky (The Shadow Gang)
20. Vindaloo
21. Fripp
22. Summertime
23. Echo Boy
24. Groom Lake
25. All The Things You Are
26. Amazing Grace