Owens, Jimmy And Carol - The Witness
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Condition: NEW
Media: Compact Disc
Year and Label: 1978 Light Records


  1. The Witness
  2. Lullaby
  3. Nothin' Ever Happens
  4. When You Find The Truth
  5. Mary's Song (Whatever He Says)
  6. Born Again
  7. Life Giver - You Are The Christ
  8. My Boys
  9. Make Me Like You
10. Hosanna (Triumphal Entry)
11. In Love For Me (Communion Song)
12. Silver And Gold
13. Crucifixion Dirge
14. He Came In Love
15. They Took Him Down
16. The Victor
17. I Love You, Lord
18. Lambs Alone
19. The Room Upstairs - Get Ready
20. Reprise: Life Giver - Born Again - You Are The Christ


This two record, now a two CD set, was never released on CD, and no songs from this recording have made it to CD. Don't settle for just any LP to CD transfer, we are confident that you will not find a better sounding CD, after all, this one had to satisfy us first! Don't be fooled by thinking that what you can find out there is a quality product, Check us out, see, but most importantly, HEAR and be satisfied. We always urge you to blast it, put headphones on, we are confident that all you'll hear is pure, unadulterated sound.

In order to satisfy copyright requirements, this CD copy (CD-R) is only made available to those that have owned a copy of this recording in any format. Don't own a record or tape, yes, even an 8-tack?, if available on our site, purchase the item alongside this CD. Don't see an original available? contact us and we'll do our best to satisfy this requirement.

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