Sweet Comfort Band - Perfect Timing
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Note on Condition: Cassette plusCD copy (See Notes)

Condition: NEW
Media: Cassette + CD Combo
Year and Label: 1984 Light Records
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Perfect Timing
Habit Of Hate
You Led Me To Believe
Don't Bother Me Now
Computer Age
Sing For The Melody
Lookin' For The Answer
Envy & Jealousy
Never Should Have Left You
Neighborhood Kids.


This item is a combination Cassette (CS) plus a CD copy.  The CD copy (CD-R) is a direct duplication of a rare and very much out of print CD. CD to CD duplication is a loss free process, the copy sounding just like the original, time and again. Can't find an original? Then this is your only alternative.  The price of this item is based on the cost of the original item (based on its condition) plus the cost of the CD copy.

Why is our price significantly lower than retailers offering LP to CD transfers? We only deal with Christian music, any work we put into these items we expect to eventually recover the time and effort we put into it through more than just one sale. We won't spend our time in items that we feel we have no chance of recovering the effort to put these together.

We only use high quality, professional grade CD blanks for all our CD's. CD comes complete with full color inserts and labels, as close to a factory product as we could make it without mass production.

Our CD-Rs come standard with the following;

Crisp, Clear, full sound
Tracks individually normalized for optimum playback level without clipping or distortion
Tracks numbered and named for easy MP3 conversion
Full colour insert with artwork as per original recording
Full colour CD label and tray insert