About Us

Sweet-Music.com has been online since August of 1998.  We began buying and trading CD's in the winter of 1997 as a way to add to our own music collection.  Soon, our stock began to grow faster than our need for collecting and our first site came to being.  We saw a need to add cassettes and records to our inventory and have since looked for ways to expand our product base.  When we started, we emulated other stores such as Rock Solid music and Rad Rockers, yet coming close to our 20th year, we are sole survivors.

We used to say that we were the only site on the net that had the variation in products we have, now, even as the local Christian Music stores are going the way of the Dodo Bird, we are perhaps the last of a dying breed.  We do not have a physical store, we have always been underground so to speak, that is, Home based and hence our longevity. We can be found by our original name of Sweet Music @ www.sweet-music.com or by our nickname of SweetMusicMan  @ www.sweetmusicman.com which is how we are known on places such as eBay, Musicstack and Discogs.

Contacting us

Before contacting us, please read the following.

Are you enquiring about unlisted items that you are looking for, please note the following:

If you call or e-mail wondering "Do you know where we can find...?" the answer 99.9% of the time will be NO.  We list items that we are able to Find, Trade, Purchase etc.. from MANY different sources, most often an item at a time.  Our only suggestion is to keep checking our site from time to time,  we never know if and or when we may have what you are looking for.  You can easily find the latest additions by checking the respective categories, or when searching, select the "Newest Items" from the drop down box on the search screen results.

From time to time, we receive requests for permission to use songs in new recordings. Sweet Music is a retail entity and as such, we can not help you in obtaining permission to use a song or recording. We are just as clueless as you in that regard.




E-mail:  musicdesk@sweet-music.com

DO NOT !   Send payment for any order without first ordering through the site.  Our inventory changes daily, we can't guarantee availability if we don't know you are sending funds.

Sweet Music
1228 Oakland Dr
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FAQ (frequently asked questions)



From the very beginning, Sweet Music has been a site to Buy, Sell and Trade, out of print music.   Our inventory consists mostly of second hand/used or Still Sealed/New product.  We stock a large number of items, but our stock of individual items is for the most part very limited, a large number of our stock being one of a kind items.

How Often is the site updated?

Stock is automatically adjusted when an order is placed.  Any product that is sold out, will show as out of stock.  We periodically add new items, you can see these items in the New Arrivals categories and by selecting the sort function on each page.


At Sweet Music, we strive to give you a product that, though for the most part used, need not show that it was abused.  What does this mean?
Right from the  beginning,  we have shipped CDs in un-cracked cases, replacing them as necessary.  We also will not send you a case that is badly worn, and yes, this means we replace over 98% of all cases.   We ship most CDs in a rigid envelope that we found works better than bubble envelopes in preventing cracked cases.  We can not guarantee that cases will arrive in perfect condition, as handling is left to the postal authority, so the odd one may arrive cracked.  At this time we have not found a cost effective way to ship CDs that would assure they arrive unscathed.  Typical CD mailers, asides from costing three times as much as the rigid envelopes, also push the price of mailing to a higher rate category.
We clean all CDs of all residue and, in particular, fingerprints.   I would rather not have fingerprints on my CDs, and am sure you would not want my fingerprints on your CDs either.
Most compact discs that we purchase or trade, are in great to excellent condition.  CDs that were slightly scratched or scuffed, we use a variety of methods to restore them to near excellent shape.  To this end, we recently researched for effective methods and subsequently acquired the equipment necessary to restore CDs to their original condition.   What this means  is that all CDs we carry, can be classified as 95 to 100% of original playing surface condition.  If there are any defects that we can not restore to original, we will make note of it on the main listing.  CDs that are scratched from the mirror side (writing) can not be restored.  We are very confident of our ability to recondition CDs to almost perfect playing surface shape.  How good?  We traded used CDs with a certain individual that re-sealed them and sold them as new through EBay.  Yes, there are so called "Christian" creeps out there.



Much like compact discs, we will not willingly ship a cassette in a severely worn or broken case, the exception would be a new, sealed tape.  A cracked case will be noted in the item description.  There again exists a chance of a case cracking in transit, though we ship in rigid envelopes.
All tapes are thoroughly tested at the time that an order is placed, as we do not want to sell you junk.  It is necessary that we test all tapes in their entirety, as a tape that sounds excellent may be damaged somewhere along its length.  Should we encounter any minor flaw during our testing, we will contact you and allow you to make an informed decision.



Records are sold  and graded according to their condition.  If you see an item listed multiple times at different prices, the higher the price, the better the overall condition. The jacket and Vinyl are graded separately.  If you feel that we have made an error when grading an LP, or there are flaws that are not immediately apparent, just let us know.  Sweet Music will gladly correct the error.  Our aim is to have a satisfied customer.
Though we wish we could only offer you items in near mint to mint shape, we know that some items are just plain hard to find.  So whatever we come across, if it be in less that superb shape, we offer it to you at reduced prices.  When we come across better copies of items we already have in stock, we only place for sale the better copy.
Records are cleaned before shipping, (if cleaning is required), even so, records must be cleaned on a regular basis to insure optimum playback.


 Payment Types


Payment can be made in four different ways.
COD:  Absolutely NO CODs.  Payment must be received and cleared before we ship anything out.  Don't bother ordering and wasting our time expecting for us to send you something without payment.  God works on Grace, we take checks, money orders, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

Personal Checks:  Orders paid with a personal check, may require from 7 to 15 days to clear through the banks. (Personal checks drawn on US or Canadian banks. We are un-able to accept personal checks drawn outside the USA or Canada) 

Money Orders: Orders paid with a money order will be processed and shipped within 48-72 hours of receipt. International customers, other than from the USA, may pay with a postal money order in Canadian funds.  Please contact us and request a Canadian dollar total if you wish to go this route.

Credit Cards: We accept payment with Visa, Master Card and Discover. Orders placed with a credit card will be processed within 48-72 hrs (Except on weekends, long weekends and Holidays).
PayPal:  Our shopping cart system is directly integrated with PayPal. Upon checkout, you are given the choice to pay with PayPal and directed to the PayPal site to complete payment.

Cash:  Though we do not encourage you to send cash through the mail, at times we have received payment with cash, this is of course, at your own risk.  We accept US and Canadian Dollars  (our prices are listed in US Dollars)  We also accept Euros but note that our bank charges us a $5.00 fee to convert Euros into Dollars.

Direct Bank Deposit:  For Canadian customers, we can accept direct bank deposits.  The direct deposit details will be given when placing orders paying with a check or money order.



 On-line security


Sweet-Music.com uses SSL encryption technology to securely encrypt sensitive information. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that provides communications privacy over the Internet. This protocol was developed by the US military and is the standard used by banking institutions world wide. This allows client/server applications to communicate in a way that is designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering or message tampering.

Sweet-Music.com processes credit cards with a system designed to prevent un-authorized or illegal use. This system uses an Address Verification System (AVS) to determine the validity of the credit card and deter unlawful use. When paying with a credit card, please make sure you furnish us with the correct billing address as it appears on the credit card billing statement. All our credit card transactions are handled by our Credit Card processor in real time. Unless you supply us with a credit card number, we have no access to any credit card information you provide while placing an order on our site, aside from it's type.






Due to processing costs, Sweet Music has a minimum order of $7.99 before shipping charges.  Our shipping rates are based on the total weight of the items you are purchasing and its destination.

Note that some CDs with heavy booklets or gatefold records for example, will weigh more than others.  Our site automatically assigns a shipping rate based on destination and weight.




 Store policy


With any purchase, we hope for 100% satisfaction from all our customers, if for any reason you are not satisfied and the product has not met with your satisfaction, let us know and we will correct the situation. We can exchange the item, refund your purchase or give you credit for any other product from our store.
Any item that has not met with your satisfaction can be returned within 30 days. Upon receipt of the item, we will credit your account for the price of the item. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable unless the error was on our part or it is a defective product.

Returning or Cancelling an order:

We charge a 15% restocking fee on items returned that are not the fault of Sweet Music.  Why charge a fee?  As a business, we incur costs when we charge a credit card, we are also accessed fees when we credit a transaction.  Items that were new or in sealed condition when purchased may only be worth half of their value for resale, therefore at our discretion we may decline its return or refund a very limited amount.

An order cancelled after processing and before shipping will result in the 15% restocking fee applied.  




 Your Privacy


At Sweet Music, we don't collect or mine customer information in any way. Any information that you give to Sweet Music is only used in house to either process orders or keep you informed of updates should you request it.  We do not share or sell any information to any other party, we detest this practice as much as you do. You will only be contacted by us in regards to an order or if you have requested to be placed on our e-mailing list to be informed of updates.

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